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   The Abacus Project is the signature program of the DRANREF Foundation. The DRANREF Foundation is the philanthropic arm of BTG.


We aim to offer life-transforming experiences by advancing STEM Education and entrepreneurial pursuits in underserved communities. Our 2025 vision is to provide and support scalable and sustainable programs for 2,025 students that help them become better problem solvers and future entrepreneurs.



Thinking globally, acting locally

Research shows that consistent practice on the soroban (Japanese abacus) improves math fluency, accuracy and speed, concentration and creativity.Use of the soroban stimulates right brain thinking maximizing learning outcomes through a multi-sensory approach. Our objective at The Abacus Project  

is to use this evidence-based instructional tool to measurably impact the achievement gap in under resourced communities. 


The Abacus Project   invites students to explore Asian culture through one of the world’s oldest calculator. Students build their own soroban (Japanese abacus) using colorful beads and craft sticks, and then uncover the ancient number system, watching their calculations come to life through strategic bead movement. We offer sessions that introduce students to the soroban and provide practice materials to extend the learning experience to home, and more robust programs that measure impact through data based on pre- and post math fluency assessments.  Professional Development Workshop for Teachers are also offered to area schools and community centers to help scale the project and our reach.

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Our goal is to provide exceptional learning experiences and deliver outstanding results. 
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